Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Avocado Crunch Snack...or Side!

So sometimes when I just eat soup for a meal I need something to go along with it...and of course you know I love avocado more than anything else I eat soooo what better side to serve up than an avocado crunch snack - or side ;)

My favourite crackers, and I never eat crackers, are the FINN CRISP caraway crispbreads.

They only have 5g of carbohydrates per piece and only consist of 5 ingredients. They are super crunchy, very thin and although I would not recommend eating them solo - any type of topping is great!

They are a high source of fiber as well, and only consist of whole grain rye flour, caraway, yeast, water and salt. Simple, yet delicious.

I topped mine with a slice of avocado, some pepper and drizzled a bit of lime EVOO over it - let me tell you, this lime olive oil is INSANELY good with avocado!

4 crispbreads
1/2 an avocado


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