Friday, 7 September 2012

Constant Cravings

No, this is not a rendition of the KD Lang hit - it's a small post about my sometimes random, yet healthy cravings.

Most people crave ice cream, or chips, or something "unhealthy" for them. Me? Well I'm glad you asked. I crave things like mustard, pickles, water chestnuts, figs, raw onions mixed with fresh cherry tomatoes...and the list goes on.

Now don't get me wrong, of course I crave chocolate now and again - who doesn't? Or a warm, fresh out of the oven croissant....just saying.

So today, of course, I had a random craving for salmon and olives at lunch - and silly me, I forgot my lunch at home so I ran out to my local Longo's (Whole Foods still hasn't opened up in Markham yet) to fulfill my cravings!

- Salmon with some sunflower seeds
- Kalamata Olives
- Fresh cut Figs
- Roasted Red Peppers

Of course I threw this all on a bed of spinach, sprinkled pumpkin seeds on top and sliced half an avocado to go on the side with about 8 cherry tomatoes from my mom's garden - yum!

It was so good I only took a picture of the take-out - not the finished product....many apologies.

So I guess in the end, when you change your diet and fill your stomach with more nutritious, delicious and healthy meals - your cravings change as well!

Bon Appetite!

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