Tuesday, 8 April 2014

29 weeks + a pic just because

Even though writing a post at the 30 week mark may sound better, I thought an update might be in order - and a photo of my progression!

I'm just short of 29 weeks and still feeling great...actually, still feeling quite normal other than a few hiccups, and not just from the peanut! I am still walking at the same pace and have to remind myself to slow down a bit - climbing stairs are now harder than usual and I lose my breath quite easily!

Blood sugars are getting a little wonky - not really during the day, but mainly at night and through the night while sleeping. I'm only waking up once in the night to pee -  I hear these stories of people waking up all the time, thankfully that hasn't happened to me yet.

Around this time some women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant only) and are experiencing the weird sugars just like I am. For the most part my control is still great, I'm just having to take more insulin which isn't ideal, but for the health of the baby is it VERY important.

Thankfully, I have a pump and it makes this process a lot easier!

I haven't had many food cravings - more fruit than usual, mainly pineapple and mangoes - but that's pretty typical for me in the spring anyway. I'm eating a lot of apples and oranges as well which as we know are healthy snacks, especially with a little almond butter.

Still loving salad - don't think that will ever change with me haha

Last week I had two days of intense exhaustion, weakness and some dizzy spells, so having my iron checked tomorrow!

Aversions - none. Nothing through this entire pregnancy has turned me off, although, my appetite has been quite low and I'm having more problems finding something to eat.

Still working out as much as possible - if I can't make it to the gym I walk as much as possible to work, on lunch and after work usually for a total of 5-6km. 

I'm doing yoga at home on and off but not as long - more some basic sun salutations and stretching.

Today the baby was stuck in my rib I think - I actually couldn't stand up and then felt him kick and the pain was released - very weird feeling. I forget that I don't have much room in my middle so moving quickly while at my desk or turning suddenly can bring on this!

The baby is head down and to the right - or so my last ultrasound showed - and I feel him a lot on the right side, very far in fact, up into my ribs on the right and out in front like right behind my naval - whenever I put my hand to my belly he goes there - it's so cute and fascinating.

Sleeping is ok, was having sharp hip pain in the night but now just have a small pillow between my knees and everything is fine - I still roll over a lot though back and forth and had some weird shin splints last week - probably from the gym or walking in new boots!

Still fitting into most of my normal clothes - or, baggy blouses and stretchy tops that I already owned, as well as all my lulus and workout clothes - thankfully that stretch really helps haha!

Here is my most recent pic from Saturday - maternity jeans but normal tank, top and sweater :)

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