Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Updates from Ultrasound + Appointments

So after my appointments at the clinic this morning I have some updates:

Baby size - he's a little on the bigger size, 78% for size which isn't terrible for a diabetic but is slightly on the bigger size. His head size is perfect for the due date, tummy is a bit bigger than average but again nothing crazy and he is just under 5 lbs - which sort of scared me but they said it's fine and even said ultrasounds are never perfect with the weight of the baby.

Apparently he has big cute cheeks - can't wait to pinch them!

My Stomach size - I'm measuring at 33 weeks (which is sort of my guess anyway) but my OB says I'm 33 weeks on Saturday so it's only a few days difference.

Blood Pressure - 118/78 so I am VERY happy about that

Weight - I've put on roughly 25lbs now but I am still wearing normal clothes (other than maternity pants of course) and don't really feel that much different other than my tummy of course which is like a basketball haha - they said the slight swelling I have around my ankles is normal and just to watch to make sure it doesn't move up my legs or happen anywhere else

Diabetic Numbers - they were very impressed with my numbers and the fact that I did all the adjustments in the last month (joys of a clinic when they forget about you at your last appointment)

I have a requisition to have thyroid, iron, A1C and proteins checked two weeks from now.

OB Updates - I have to go for ultrasounds every week now, my OB said they are bio-physical not just growth ultrasounds so whatever that means (still have to google that)

They are quite happy with everything, which makes me happy (not that I've been nervous, I haven't at all) and just tell me to keep up with my monitoring and exercising and healthy eating.

The only thing I have to watch is for low blood sugars, because that will indicate something is wrong with the placenta and if that happens I am to come into the hospital immediately.

The thing is with Diabetics, especially Type 1's, is that the hormones the placenta is producing on it's own now fight with the insulin and so my sugars rise even when I'm just sleeping - nothing crazy because my control is so good but into the 7's usually instead of how they were in the 4's and 5's for the majority of the pregnancy.

Again, they won't let me go past 38 weeks, so sometime around June 14 I will be induced (if I haven't already gone into labour naturally)

I've been reading a really great book by Deepak Chopra called: A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and it's really supported a lot of the ideas I have surrounding pregnancy and childbirth which is great - even if I might not have the most natural childbirth, there are still things I can practice which is all I want in the end :)

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