Friday, 12 April 2013

Hello Weekend!!!!

It's Friday, and I'm starting a new "Hello Weekend" weekly post about how you can stay healthy on the weekend - Diabetic or not!

It's easy to relax and let go on the weekends, who are we kidding? However, if you look at it from a different perspective, perhaps relax and will keep your healthy living goals on track!

Here are some FOOD tips:

• Make your own fries or chips - slice sweet potatoes, beets, yuca root, or plain old potatoes into thin round slices and bake for 40 min in the oven - toss in coconut oil and your favourite spice (cumin, cayenne, cinnamon) salt and pepper before putting in the oven - great for side dishes or just SNACKS!

• Add greens to every meal - even breakfast! Who doesn't love eggs benny or even pancakes on the weekend? I try to get creative with my breakfasts on the weekend because I don't have time during the 9-5 grind throughout the week. Try serving your omelette on a bed of spinach or kale instead of toast...or serve your pancakes with a side salad of spinach and berries!

• Make your own food! This is so important - as much as you may want to order take-out, go out to a restaurant or just grab something quick and easy at the store, you actually have the time on the weekends (I hope...) to make your meals with fresh and healthy food and LOVE!

• Plan your meals for the week - look on some blogs (ahem....) for recipes, tips or even google a food program for the week (coming soon). Make a list, take into consideration left-overs, so what you make for the dinner one night can be lunches for the next day!

• Cook for the upcoming week - because I actually do cook for people as a side venture, I do most of my cooking on Sundays. Make a huge pot of soup for lunches, cook a large batch of quinoa to make a salad, side dish and even breakfast meals!

• On top of all of these exciting food tips don't forget to EXERCISE! Moving for at least 30 min every single day is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Even if it's pouring rain outside do a little circuit in your living room - squats, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks...whatever gets your heart rate up and breaks even a bit of a sweat is beneficial in so many ways for your mind, body and soul.

• Don't forget to try meditation and daily affirmations - you will notice a big difference in your life if you bring both of these practices into your life every day. Try them out for a week and notice how relaxed, happy and inspired you feel :)

Wishing you all a HAPPY + HEALTHY weekend!!!!!!


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