Friday, 10 May 2013

I ACCEPT what I cannot change!

For those of you that don't know me that personally, I am a self-proclaimed Spirit Junkie (term ever so lovingly borrowed from the wonderful Gabrielle Bernstein She is amazing, please visit her site, pick up one of her books or just watch a few clips of her giving you positive love + light!

I use her daily iPhone app, Spirit Junkie, for daily inspiration AND motivation...and today's really reminded me of something I always like to address when it comes to my illness:

I accept what I cannot change.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes for the last 25 years has definitely had it's ups and downs (no pun intended)....but I have never once stopped living the way I've wanted to, or ever let my disease tie me down or limit me in any way.

I can't deny that there have been times I have thought, poor me...or why me.....but I can count on one hand the amount of times those thoughts have entered my mind - and then ever so lovingly I have let them go.

I accept what I cannot change is an interesting line for me to write about because I AM trying to change my disease for the better - I am trying to be the healthiest diabetic possible for me, and I am trying to reverse what some consider my inevitable future. 

I am not trying to prove I will not need insulin to survive, I will always need insulin to survive until there is a cure to waking my pancreas back up! But, I am going to try everything I can to wake my pancreas out of hibernation and heal myself - if that means lying in my yoga class in shavasana sending love to my pancreas, so be it - if that means going on a month-long raw/vegan food diet to see what results I get, so be it - and if that means standing in the mirror every morning and every night repeating the same mantra: "Only beautiful, loving and healthy things occur around me and within me" - so be it!

I am accepting this disease because I cannot change the fact that I have been blessed with this challenge, and that's how I view my diabetes, as a challenge that is part of my path on this beautiful earth. This outlook will push me forward to help others with diabetes to accept the disease, take responsibility, be thankful for the challenge and learn how to survive with positive energy and light!

I cannot change the fact that I have this disease, but I can change the way I accept it and the way it effects my spirit and soul. 

I accept my disease fully. I always have. But I WILL change it....

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