Monday, 3 June 2013

My June Journey to WAKE up my sweet pancreas

Happy June!

I have been so excited for June to come so I can start this health + wellness journey with all of you.

It will be broken into 3 categories: 

• Food + Nutrition (recipes as well of course)
• Exercise 
• Self-Love + Inner Wellness

I'm actually cutting this journey down to 4 weeks, 5 days per week and leaving weekends for inspiration and research - but still keeping with the program just not documenting my every move!

I hope this journey I'm embarking on will motivate and inspire you! Feel free to comment, ask questions, share accomplishments or results and GET INVOLVED with the healing process with me!

This "June Journey" looks something like this:

• Daily Food, Exercise and Self-love/Inner Wellness Posts
• Posts on what is inspiring me, what results I'm getting, how I'm feeling etc etc
• Each week will have a theme to follow along with if you so desire

The point of this "journey" is to start healing my pancreas FOR REAL with techniques I've been adapting, researching and paying attention to over the last year. 

I am sharing who is motivating me and educating me....along with things I am finding out myself through trial and error and pure exploration and experimentation.

The basis is from these nutrition and healing gurus:

Julie Daniluk's book: Meals that Heal Inflammation
Kris Carr's book: Crazy Sexy Kitchen
Dr. Mark Hyman's Book: The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook
Louise Hay: You Can Heal Your Life

I also research and follow these authors and health gurus like it's not ONLY their books that have motivated me to start this, but their articles, their tweets, their blogs and so get the point.

At the beginning of each day I will write a post about what I'm grateful for, then I will post my breakfasts, my snacks, my lunches, my dinners, my mantras, my meditation themes and my exercise and relaxation techniques for the day. I am committing to doing this 5 days a week for not only myself, but for you guys as well! I am on a mission to WAKE my pancreas UP and get it going again.

So, there's a lot to share here, a lot ahead of me and you this month and A LOT to accomplish. I am just so grateful to have this forum and followers like you. 

Please don't hesitate to participate and maybe awaken your spirit, or your pancreas a little too! :)


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