Saturday, 2 February 2013

Weekend Craving Tips!

Superbowl always has people craving wings, nachos, beer, ribs, cheese dip and deep fried food! Not only do the commercials on TV try and drill these images of food into our heads, but so do our friends and family who aren't on the same clean-eating path as we are.

So here are a list of tips for Superbowl weekend, and really any weekend in general:

• Try veggies instead of chips with your salsa, guacamole or black bean dip. These dips are VERY easy to make yourself which will save you calories, preservative chemicals and unnecessary fats and sugars!

• Craving pizza? Use ezekiel wraps and make your own pizzas in the oven in just a few minutes - try making a homemade sauce with tomatoes, herbs and fresh basil. Add veggies and if you want some goat cheese instead of cheddar or make your own pesto in minutes and use as the base!

• Having a carb moment? Sauté lots of greens with garlic and chile flakes and serve some quinoa pasta on top making the greens the main part of the dish - your cravings will still be satisfied but you'll have more of the good stuff in the meal!

• Pop your own popcorn and melt coconut oil on top - sprinkle with cinnamon if you like a sweet but salty treat, or just sea salt and pepper!

• Last but not least, considering it's Superbowl weekend, try a vegetarian chilli instead of a meat-heavy one. Instead of wings try serving grilled chicken with salsa and sliced avocado on the side - and instead of nachos prepare a mexican-style salad with all the ingredients you would put on a nacho plate but substitute with healthy fresh veggies instead of meat, cheese and more cheese!

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