Thursday, 27 February 2014

Healthy Pregnancy

Being a Type 1 Diabetic for 26 years now has not only taught me a lot about the importance of one's health in general, but also discipline and to appreciate the health you do have in the present moment.

Since becoming pregnant I have maintained amazing control because really it's the most important thing to the health of my baby and me. 

I can't lie and say this hasn't been difficult - testing before and after every meal, 8 times a day, counting each carbohydrate that I consume and adjusting my bolus rate as accurately and quickly as possible. 

The other difficult thing is that during every woman's pregnancy things change, nothing remains the same the entire time and that is truly the case with my body's need for insulin.

But, after my last appointment at the diabetic pregnancy clinic I go to my A1C was 5.9, my thyroid was perfect and the rest of the bloodwork was great. Plus, the baby is doing very very well and is not growing bigger than the average at all which is a major concern with diabetic pregnancies.

I really contribute these results to everything I've mentioned above: my discipline, gratitude and my knowledge and passion for good health. My sugars have never been this good and I really feel amazing being pregnant, this has truly been a miracle for my husband and I and only motivates me to continue this type of control in the future! 

Here is my most recent photo at 23 ½ weeks (just short of 6 months) too bad I look so serious haha: 

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