Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Smart Snacking Vending Machines

This is amazing, and well over-due if you ask me.

I stumbled upon this website when a friend posted it to Facebook and I think it's brilliant - although not all the products are actually as healthy as people want you to believe, 90% of them are, but you do have to please everyone's tastes when it comes to vending machines ;)

I love how if you purchase this machine you can choose your own menu items as well - from Larabars, Luna Bars to Coconut Water and Pure Mango Juice.


Hopefully these will start to pop up everywhere making healthy snacks on the go available to everyone whether you're in a hospital waiting room, out shopping at a mall (and you're pregnant and about to eat anything in sight) or just need to grab something at college between classes.

Check out their website to learn more today :)



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