Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Crunchy Tuna Collard Wraps

My husband claims that I make the best tuna sandwiches ever - he's so kind. I love making them because I add a variety of ingredients to make the tuna salad crunchy, spicy and delicious. Canned tuna really isn't something I eat often however, once in awhile it's a comfort food in our home.

For dinner a few nights ago we decided to use Collard Green wraps instead of bread because I'm off the gluten and my husband wanted to try a lighter version as well. We always use avocado instead of mayo because it is SO delicious and SO much healthier!

Crunchy Tuna Collard Wraps:

1 Can of white flaked tuna
1 Collard Green Leaf
1 Avocado - (to replace the mayo)
3 Dill pickles chopped into tiny pieces
1 Stick of celery chopped into tiny pieces
1 Green onion - (I threw in the chives as well)
Black Pepper
Sprouts - (I had a mix of lentil and alfalfa from whole foods)
Walnuts - (secret crunch ingredient)
1/2 lemon freshly squeezed

Mix all ingredients together - mix the avocado first - to desire consistency and I always add the lemon and black pepper last.

Wash the Collard green leaf and dry it before putting the tuna salad mix on top. Spoon tuna salad onto the leaf, add toppings - sprouts, tomatoes, pickles etc - and then wrap as if you're wrapping a burrito.

Use your own discretion on whether or not you have filled it too much, or need to rip some of the leaf off. We added the sprouts, extra pickles, kale and tomato to the wraps but you could also add bell peppers, carrots, onion and cheese too!

We had them with a side of veggie chips - beet and sweet potato!

It's too bad with this first picture all you can see are the sprouts!

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