Thursday, 6 June 2013

June Journey to Wellness - Day 3

Day #3 - Wednesday, June 5

My affirmation for today was: I now listen to my inner guidance. I notice my thoughts, feelings, visions, and words. I now have the strength and courage to follow them and take the steps given to me.

7am - wake up and listed everything I was grateful for about my life in my head, had a glass of water

7:30am - cup of hot lemon water

8:00am - chocolate chai smoothie: hemp powder, spirulina, cacoa, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, almond milk, almond butter, maca powder, water, 1/2 banana

10:00am - had some of my amaranth heated up with flax seeds and cinnamon

12:30pm - mixed greens (chard, kale and spinach) with red cabbage and carrot slaw, with my summer chickpea salad I made last night on top - so delicious the next day!

3:00pm - we had a treat to celebrate a bride-to-be that I work with so I had a piece of this raw vegan frozen bar made of almond butter, coconut oil, cashews and agave - yum!

6:30pm - minced turkey cooked with garlic, onions, tamari sauce (gluten-free), chile flakes and put that on top of a cabbage slaw in collard green leaves to make wraps!


8pm - 1 hour Power Yoga Class


*I did some design work after my yoga class and shower and repeated my affirmation before heading to bed around 11pm.

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