Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Protein. It is heavily debated in all nutrition, athletic and even cafeteria circles - how do you get protein if you don't consume animal meat or dairy? Well, there are many different ways, whether it's from nuts and seeds, legumes, sprouts, even avocados contain protein. Now with plant-based diets becoming more and more popular, UFC fighters, boxers and other athletes are adopting vegan diets and at the peak of their careers.

For myself, diabetes is ruled by inflammation in the body and what is one of the main causes of inflammation (other than caffeine, alcohol and sugar?) - you got it, animal protein. So, after reading this article I had to post it - Rich Roll is pretty freaking awesome, and you can check out his website here:


So here is a great article on protein and a plant-based diet from Rich Roll:


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