Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 2

So, I know it's only Day 2 but I still wanted to write a post. It was weird, yesterday I was craving everything I couldn't have - which honestly isn't really like me. I think it was all psychological - I wanted a croissant with a cheesy omelette and a nice americano coffee. I settled for amaranth porridge with walnuts and cinnamon - it was friggin delicious!

Day 2, I feel great. I feel fine, no cravings. Not that I eat enough of that "bad" stuff to really crave it anyway, but I think when you embark on a detox you start to crave the things you "aren't allowed" to consume - even if you don't drink or eat them all the time.

I've decided to try and clean up the detox even a step further. No meat other than fish, probably just salmon because I have a tough time digesting meat and I really don't feel like spending an arm and a leg on the nice organic stuff. Also, I'm trying to juice every morning, or make a smoothie. But quite honestly it's hard for me to make a smoothie without almond milk - I could try Rice milk I guess!

I am going to keep a journal as well, of what I'm eating and how I'm feeling. For instance, I just bought this organic hummus that looks and tastes delicious but my stomach starting burning after a few dipped celery sticks - not sure I'll even buy anything pre-packaged while I do this now. Or, it could be random...not sure.

So, Day 2 almost down. Still have to commute home, cook dinner with my fantastic hubby, eat, make it to my 75min power yoga class at the studio where I work now, and get home for enough time to shower, try and meditate and read before bed. Life is busy, but not too busy to make your health #1!


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