Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lunch Leftovers

This lunch isn't one of my major specialties, but it's still delicious, even if it is leftover from the night before! I was need of a serious protein-boost, I could feel it, so we bought some organic grass-fed chicken from the store and spiced it up just a bit - still under the cleanse rules.

Organic boneless, skinless chicken breast baked with pepper, oregano and sea salt
1/2 sweet potato cut into thin slices and pan-fried on low heat with coconut oil, sea salt and pepper
Fresh organic arugula with lemon and EVOO

The sweet potato is a treat but still really healthy. They are almost like chips they are so thin, and work perfectly as a side to the chicken and arugula. You can also bake the sweet potato slices, and you would just toss them lightly in a bit of coconut oil, salt and pepper, other spices you desire and a dash of  maple syrup - yum!

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