Monday, 26 November 2012

Kale Dill Slaw and Spicy Cumin Quinoa

About a month ago my friends from high school and I had a big reunion night up north. I was in charge of the salad and a side dish so naturally I incorporated both kale and quinoa into the recipes!

These both turned out AMAZING - everyone had seconds and the leftovers didn't last past noon the next day, so you definitely have to try both of these out for your next get-together, or weeknight dinner!

Kale and Dill Slaw Salad

(quantities of below are at your own discretion)

Chopped Purple and Green Kale
Chopped Purple Cabbage
Fresh Parsley (use a lot it's so freshing)
Julienned Carrots
Sliced Apples
Green onions and chives
Pumpkin Seeds
Fresh Dill (lots of dill for flavour)

Dressing: EVOO, 1 whole lemon, apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp whole grain mustard, black pepper)

I let it sit in the fridge with the dressing for about an hour before serving - the dressing was amazing with the mustard and the apples, dill and parsley!

The side dish was a variation of a quinoa salad I usually make:

Spicy Quinoa Dish or Salad (can be served hot or cold)

1 cup of red quinoa
Diced Yellow and orange peppers
Cherry tomatoes halved
Fresh Parsley
1 can of black beans
Diced red onion
1 small can of corn
Pumpkin seeds

Dressing: EVOO, 1 whole lime, cumin, 1 garlic clove pressed, black pepper, a few chile flakes

I sprinkled more cumin and some chile flakes after the dressing had been mixed in and let it sit as well before serving.

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